Who We Are And What We Do In today's world of music, production and delivery are now digitial, and digital production and delivery requires that your music be professionally mastered in order to compete and stand out in an ever more crowded market. With A&R budgets and promotional budgets being slashed, the pressure on you to provide your label, manager, or radio station with top notch product is constantly increasing. But while digital music now makes mastering a necessity, it also provides you with the opportunity to have this done by a highly-skilled professional mastering engineer, but at a reasonable cost. Irrespective of whether you are a home studio, independent label, or major label, we are able to provide you with high quality professional mastering at a fraction of the cost you would expect. Whether your recordings need to be adjusted to an even volume level from track to track, or if they are suffering from having been mixed in a less-than-ideal mixing room with an anomolous frequency response, causing balances and timbres to be different from what you thought you mixed, or even if you just want a somewhat sterile and "dead" recording livened up, we can do this and more, while maintaining and even improving the sonic integrity of the artistic vision with which your tracks were recorded Composition and Virtual Orchestration In addition to mastering we provide a comprehensive composition, orchestral scoring and virtual orchestration for film, television and audio books.  This service allows us to provide great sounding tracks with the realism and full body of any orchestra or band at a fraction of the cost.  There are some excerpts available under the scores tab that have all been used in different client projects.