Dr Andrew Davenport, BMus(Hons), MA, MMus, PhD. Andrew has dedicated almost all his life to the pursuit of musical excellence in both performance and production, echoed in his musical achievements and qualifications. Approaching mastering and music production from this angle gives a unique musical perspective often lacking in this field.  The ability to deal with any musical scenarios from both a performer and producers perspective ensures that the music reaches its full potential, both musically and production wise. Many clients/studios have benefited from Andrews’s qualified musical insight, mastering skills, production, arrangements, composition, and session work.  All of his skills are backed up by a plethora of musical qualifications from composition and music theory to advanced electric guitar techniques.  The culmination of which is his Ph.D.; being a technical transcription of the Paganini caprices to the electric guitar, with full analysis and extrapolation in the development of advanced techniques. This qualified approach gives him the ability to adapt to any genre of music no matter how diverse from rock music to heavy metal, from classical to reggae.  Although mastering is Andrew’s forte, he is often called on to record, engineer, produce, compose, arrange, do session work, and provide a multitude of other musical services. Regardless of the job requirements, Andrew and the team at Edgeworth studios can handle it!!!!