Mastering The unique nature of mastering dictates a need for flexibility in approach, whilst having the musical training and experience to recognise individual song needs.  Having the musical expertise to consolidate genre specific traits with commercial demands, requires the insight that we pride ourselves on.  With many 100’s of mastered albums under our belt I am sure your label and your band will be pleased with the polish and warmth that our professionals will provide for your project.  Regardless of whether it’s from a home studio or pro studio the care and attention that our professionals provide will add the polish to your album or project that you didn’t think was possible.   Check out some of the before and after examples below from multiple music genres Band/Artist - Song    Unmastered          Mastered DJ Rolez - Starchaser    Starchaser          Starchaser (No.1, Hungarian Charts) Darling Parade - Far Away    Far Away          Far Away (Stargate Universe - NBC) Music_Video_Trailer.html Kate Linne - Into Me    Into Me          Into Me (The 10 things I Hate About You - ABC Ep, 6 Aired 10/05/09)       Kingsfoil - Soldmate    Soldmate          Soldmate Darling Parade - Take This City       Take This City          Take This City OttoSharp - Don’t Hang    Don’t Hang          Don’t Hang Kingsfoil - Demons    Demons          Demons The Rust - Broken Within    Broken Within          Broken Within Joanna - Want You To Love Me    Want You To           Want You To      Love Me  Love Me All-Natro - By Your Side    By Your Side          By Your Side Clocktower Showdown - Laura Nicole         Laura Nicole          Laura Nicole Sevenfield - Last Goodbye    Last Goodbye          Last Goodbye Sevenfield - Section 8    Section 8          Section 8 Kate Linne - Where I Fell    Where I Fell          Where I Fell Last Good Year - Road to Ruin    Road to Ruin          Road to Ruin OttoSharp - Let Down    Let Down          Let Down Alex Distajo - My Biggest Regret    My Biggest Regret         My Biggest Regret The Rust - Stars    Stars          Stars Adam Black - Peace on earth    Peace on earth          Peace on earth Fuss N Fight    Fuss N Fight          Fuss N Fight Cuss    Cuss          Cuss