On-line Mixing Do your songs need the skills of a professional producer and engineer to accomplish the final pro mix that you or your label can be proud of. Edgeworth studios will take your raw tracks to the pro engineering level providing that large console sound at a fraction of the cost. All the tracks that are mixed and produced here are also mastered at no extra cost - making us a one stop studio.     Sending us your files to mix is easy: make sure all the tracks start at the same point in time, so that dropping them in and lining them up is simple.  They need to be raw files with no effects of any kind on them we do all that here all you need to do is the tracking.  Or send us your projects, along with their audio files in SONAR, Samplitude EDL, Vegas or REAPER file formats. You can use FTP or snail mail. The more songs you provide the cheaper the rate and we offer special discounts for album lots with a reasonable number of revisions.  Professional production done by qualified staff is now at your finger tips at a fraction of the cost that hiring a large studio just for the tracking would set you back. Check out a few of the examples below to give you an idea of what your track can sound like regardless of the genre. Band/Artist - Song Before After Progressive Anannuki - Where Sanity Falls    Where Sanity Falls       Where Sanity Falls Metal - Mixed/Produced/Mastered Emo Metal The Fallen - Broken     Broken     Broken - Mixed/Produced/Mastered Metal Sinate - Death Contract       Death Contract           Death Contract   - Mixed/Produced/Mastered   Classic Rock Altitude - Victim of Changes         N/A               Victim of Changes   - Tracked/Mixed/Produced/Mastered   - Session Work Drums, Bass, All Guitars, Vocals, Strings and Percussion.  Indie Rock Nature Force - Paradise           Paradise  Paradise   - Tracked/Mixed/Produced/Mastered   - Session Work Drums, All Guitars. Pop Polgara{EMC} - Who Knew                 N/A  Who Knew   - Tracked/Mixed/Produced/Mastered   - Session Work Drums, Bass, Guitar. Rock Ballad Another Random Cause - Stay     Stay     Stay - Mixed/Produced/Mastered Christian Rock Roy Orange - Kingdom of Forever     N/A         Kingdom of Forever - Tracked/Mixed/Produced/Mastered - Session Work Drums and Bass Guitar     Folk Kathie Samon - Blowing Bubbles           N/A        Blowing Bubbles - Mixed/Produced/Mastered